Reported Speech

Косе рѣѕенье

19.1 Statements

The main clause and the reported statement must be connected by то-це. The tense of the reported statement should be the same as it would have been when it was said.

1 Оне сорѣѕиле то-це работаст в акостуѣ юриста.
Óne sorědzíle tó-ce rabótast v ákostuě iurísta.
he.nom work-3sg in
“He said that he works as a lawyer.”

19.2 Commands, Requests, Desires

Commands and requests are connected using the conjunction то-це, with the second clause appearing in the subjunctive.

2 Она попрожила мене (сорѣѕила мнѣ) то-це ошле би.
Oná poproźíla mené (sorědzíla mně́) tó-ce oślé bi.
she.nom I.acc ( I.datins)
“She asked (told) me to leave.”

With verbs of desire, the subject must be stated in the subjunctive clause because it is not mentioned in the primary—Она хотѣла то-це яс би ошле Oná hótěla tó-ce iás bi oślé “She wanted me to leave.”

19.3 Questions

Questions may be repeated unaltered, although with adjustments made for person. A comma must always be inserted between the two clauses if то-це is not used.

3 Она сопуидала мене, куде работам.
Oná sopuidála mené, kudé rabótam.
she.nom I.acc, where work-1sg
“She asked me where I work.”
4 Она сопуидала мене, хокьун ли ис сон ей на городен.
Oná sopuidála mené, hókjun li ís son iéi na góroden.
she.nom I.acc, want-1sg whether go.det-sup with-n she.datins on
“She asked me if I wanted to go with her downtown.”