Grammar of the Alashian Language

Γραμμάτικετ Αλλασούν Ναλασκιώ

A Reference Grammar of the Alashian Language


The most current version of the Alashian grammar is available as a pdf e-book here:

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Otherwise, the entire text of the grammar may be browsed online.


Online Index of Topics

a. Foreword

b. Abbreviations

1. Background

2. Phonology

3. Writing

4. Introduction to the Verbal System

5. Verb Scale I: katab and nuktāb

6. Verb Scale II: kəthēb and kəthāb

7. Verb Scale III: 'aktēb and 'ennuktāb

8. Verb Scale IV: taktēb

9. Verb Scale V: nitkatab

10. Verb Scale VI: staktab and nistuktāb

11. Other Verbal Forms

12. Comparative Verb Tables and Common Irregular Roots

13. European Loan Verbs

14. The Nominal System

15. Adjectives

16. Pronouns

17. Prepositions

18. Derivation

19. Verb Phrases

20. Noun Phrases

21. Clauses

22. Spoken Alashian

23. Historical Phonology and Morphology

24. Appendices



Alashian Lexicon and Dictionary (online)