Grammar of the Očets Language

Һочец сеие граматика

A Reference Grammar of the Očets Language

The Očets grammar is still a work in progress. New pages will be added as they are completed.

Online Index of Topics

a. Foreword

b. Abbreviations

1. Background

2. Phonology

3. Writing

4. Nominal Morphology

5. Quantifier Morphology

6. Adjectival Morphology

7. Pronoun and Other Pro-Form Morphology

8. Verbal Morphology

9. Derivational Morphology and Word Creation

10. Verbal Syntax

11. Nominal Syntax

12. Adjectival and Adverbial Syntax

13. Pronominal Syntax

14. Postpositions

15. Clauses, Conjunctions and Reported Speech

16. Questions

17. Discourse Markers

18. Emphasis and Word Order

19. Dialects

20. Appendices



Očets Lexicon and Dictionary (not yet available)