The Cabinet of Ministers

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, currently Aleksándre Andréiovice Rúsou, is appointed by the president to lead the Cabinet of Ministers and to carry out his directives. The Cabinet of Ministers is the primary means through which the president exchanges information with the many ministries of the republic.

The prime minister must be appointed by the president within the first two weeks of the presidency. The Veche then has one week to approve of the nomination.

The Ministers and Ministries

The Cabinet of Ministers consists of the heads of the twenty Federal Ministries. These bureaucratic ministries are responsible for most of the everyday workings of the Novegradian government. The cabinet is also responsible for drafting the federal budget and submitting it to the State Assembly.

These twenty ministries include:

  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs — Alékśeie Kraśislávice Krílou
  • The Ministry of Defense — Konstantíne Vladínovice Moskóvine
  • The Ministry of Labor — Pétre Iakóvice Putiáne
  • The Ministry of Culture — Rádia Romanóuna Grecóva
  • The Ministry of Transportation — Aleksándre Iegórovice Róhline
  • The Ministry of Energy — Milosláu Vladimírovice Róstou
  • The Ministry of Justice — Natália Ruslánouna Volcekóva
  • The Ministry of Taxes and Duties — Ieváne Vaśiliévice Rubíne
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Stanímire Olánovice Sogólou
  • The Ministry of Education — Ierína Ievánouna Basiéva
  • The Ministry of Economic Development — Víhtore Aleksándrovice Gazánou
  • The Ministry of Finance — Ília Iuriévice Láhou
  • The Ministry of Health — Śergéie Páulovice Lě́tine
  • The Ministry of Communications — Rita Liepiņš
  • The Ministry of Information — Rostisláu Valeriévice Śedzíne
  • The Ministry of Science and Technology — Vitálije Valentínovice Médnikou
  • The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment — Ieléna Markóuna Hrámova
  • The Ministry of Agriculture — Tuomas Koivu
  • The Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergencies — Andris Ozols
  • The Ministry of Trade — Markus Laaksonen

In addition to these, there are a number of agencies that must report to the prime minister, but do not form part of a ministry. These include the Aviation and Space Agency, Patent Agency, Atomic Energy Committee, Tourism Agency, Urban Development Agency, and Statistics Agency. The State Security Council (RSB) reports directly to the president.