New High-Speed Rail to Open

The first line of the the nation's first highspeed rail is scheduled to open by the end of the month.

The rail, operated by Źelnóusko (ŹPNS), will connect Ríga, Pleskóve, Novegráde Velíkei, and Néugrade. It has already gained the popular nickname "Źapenése", a slurred reading of the acronym ŹPNS.

The new ŹPNS rail is often viewed as a sign of Novegrad coming into the modern technological era. Highspeed rails such as France's TGV have been in use in Western Europe for a number of years, but the ŹPNS is the first in Eastern Europe. If it is successful, construction on several new lines may begin as early as next year with the help of government funds.

The highspeed lines for the most part share the same stations as traditional railroads, although they have their own dedicated tracks, and will only stop at major cities and not towns in between. This will allow the trains to travel at speeds of 320kph commercially.

The President has personally requested to be on the maiden run as he returns to Novegráde Velíkei after a scheduled meeting with the governor of Neugradeskáia Oblost.